December 12, 2013

Blue Ghost by Michael Keshigian

Her eyes and the lake are his memories,
cobalt images of clarity
and purity, running deep.
It was in this cove
where the black spotted loon
dove head first into the heart of blue,
attracting the tender pulse
of her affection
inciting her to follow the creature
into the watery sweep
tangled with milfoil
that snarled her hair
while the checkered fowl
dutifully hunted for its young.
Her blue eyes wide,
blended eventually
with the ripple of current
that swept beneath the surface.
He visited that cove often,
thereafter, especially those days
where the sun’s gleam
highlighted the blue ghost
within the restless ripples
that will forever wrap him in riddles.

Michael Keshigian’s eighth poetry collection, Eagle’s Perch, was recently released by Bellowing Ark Press.  He is a 5-time Pushcart Prize and 2-time Best Of The Net nominee. His poetry cycle, Lunar Images, set for Clarinet, Piano, Narrator, premiered at Del Mar College in Texas. Subsequent performances occurred in Boston and Moleto, Italy. (

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