November 27, 2013

The Modified Turbine Kit by Kyle Hemmings

He was the jilted lover 
of a woman who looked 
so small under her floppy 
sun hats. He imagined her 
clear and breezy 
under a dark birdcage veil. 
 So went adrift in his own hobbies,
invented a wind turbine 
with smooth torque and helical scoops. 
He became an expert in friction 
and drag, 
gearbox and planetary losses. 
Indisputably rich. 
When the machine malfunctioned, 
became a storm of rammed air 
and blade bits, the world 
turned into a turbulence 
of flying hats 
and lost little dogs.

Kyle Hemmings lives and works in New Jersey.  He loves 50s Sci-Fi movies, manga comics, and pre-punk garage bands of the 60s.

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