July 12, 2013

Elysian Dream by Donald Ishikawa

If only you could escape from the faceless world.
The society governed by the witches.
Those who hold court in their white halls,
With black hearts and iron fists.
Deviants who bind you,
Blind you with their words,
Their serpentine spells and tomes of edict.
Come with me to where their power is null.
To an older, untouched world we’ll go.
Arcane forests where life thrives.
The deep woodland where you are mighty,
Not meek.
Where magic frees,
Not enslaves.
Where nature welcomes,
No denial.
Here you’ll find peace,
Your primal power.
Soul unbound and unbroken.

Donald Ishikawa is a working class man who writes to get through some of the many troubles in life.  He's not a professional but enjoys the thrill of writing every now and then. 

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