June 15, 2013

Anchored by Xanthe Elliott

He lives in a physical world
Firmly rooted in the ground
If he cannot see it or touch it, he cannot imagine it
The stroke of the brush, the turn of phrase, the lingering note do not move him
She drifts on a sea of emotion whose currents he cannot read
Lost without an emoticon to translate the “today I feel…”
Into a language he understands
Tugging at her moorings, she reaches toward the horizon
The meeting of earth and sky where imagination takes flight
Soaring ever outward
With the words he cannot say, he calls her back
The envelope blinks – message waiting
I love you
With the turning of the tide
She returns, anchored for another day

Xanthe Elliott is the alter-ego of a mild-mannered Maryland accountant. After counting beans by day, she seeks the meaning of life in the written word. Xanthe crafts tales of romance and self-reflection; her work is featured in One Sentence Stories, online at 101Fiction.com and is forthcoming in Rose Red Review.

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