May 2, 2013

Weeding the Garden by Susie Sweetland Garay

A poet speaks of a dead
daughter, one that she killed
herself because perhaps she was
unprepared or selfish or some
combination of the two.

Then a pregnant scientist 
imagines every possible 
malady, desiring constant
reassurance and discussion.

And I, being the rock and
good friend that I am,
give it to her.

But when I return home
I cry while weeding
my garden.

Born and raised in Portland Oregon, Susie received a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Brigham Young University, spent some years in the Ohio Appalachians and currently lives in the Willamette Valley with her husband and cat where she works in the Vineyard industry. She spends her free time writing, growing plants and making art. She has been published in a variety of journals, on line and in print, and co edits The Blue Hour Literary Magazine,

1 comment:

  1. This is a powerful poem whether it is about abortion or not. But if it is, it strikes me as being even more powerful because it is quite impolitic today to write a poem like this.