May 19, 2013

Fired by Michael Holme

You smiled when she told you it was over. Ironically
she hated your silences, 
but this moved your new found tongue 
as she sat in your 1970 Triumph Herald; 
battery drained; engine still.

She could have stood. 
It was a weighty scooter to ride. 
On a third tiring push
petrol ignited.

It must have been your euphoria
at being rid of her,
because you talked all her way home.

For almost a year she’d had free petrol
and never bought you a beer. In seven days
she’d summed her loss. 
She rang with an olive branch.
You didn’t commit.

Michael Holme is a two times science graduate who took to writing in 2000. He has been published many times both online and in the Christian journal 'Time of singing.' He lives with his dog Lucy in Manchester, UK. He'd love a Lotus Europa.

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