April 16, 2013

CWRT Farm by Byron Beynon

On a breathless hillside
nature reclaims
neglected walls of stone,
an absence of human warmth
with damp cracks
opening and entering
precarious hollows
tasting of salt and rain;
drum-courts where Cromwell's
men inflicted wounds
centuries ago,
now adjourned
permanently as brambles,
wild flowers,
the patient grass
return to this gradient of land.
Here the moon witnessed
an embrace of couples,
a ripeness of fruits,
scent of honeysuckle
at home with the grazing
breath of cattle,
with ancestral silhouettes
disappearing by the first
poignant tempo of dawn.

Byron Beynon lives in Swansea,Wales. Recent work has appeared in A New Ulster, The Whistling Fire, Thoughtsmith, London Magazine and Turbulence. Work is due to appear in the anthology
"Poetry from Strata Florida" (published by Carreg Ffylfan Press).  Recent collections include Human Shores (Lapwing Publications, Belfast)) and The Sundial (Flutter Press).

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