February 27, 2013

Wintering Mushrooms by Jeanine Stevens

They gather over moist earth, clump
stout feet in dark mealy shade.

Are we like this too, waiting in deep
woods for a time release

surprised by our own abrupt appearance
in remote and unusual places?

And the winter squash, thick and
blue-white in their autumn arrangement.

It seems the moon has nurtured this flesh
to reflect a glazed eye, a beauty rotund.

Sufficient unto themselves,
does it matter if they are eaten?

Jeanine Stevens was raised in Indiana and has graduate degrees in Anthropology and Education. Her work has or will appear in Tipton Poetry Review, Poesy, Alehouse, The North Dakota Review, Pearl, Verse Wisconsin, Evansville Review, and Poet Lore among others. Cherry Grove Collections published her first book, Sailing on Milkweed in 2012, and her latest chapbook, Women in Cafés, was released by Finishing Line Press. Jeanine is a member of the Squaw Valley Community of Writers.

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