February 10, 2013

MUSÉE DU LOUVRE by Byron Beynon

An umbilical queue of people
is attached to Pei's pyramid.
Once inside I take the escalator
that descends from the modern entrance
to the underground bookshops and cafés,
where visitors pay to enter
the wings of the museum.
A bewildering choice of rooms and corridors,
a plethora of antiquities, paintings, sculpture,
the calm Mona Lisa
behind bullet-proof glass.
'In the Louvre at one o'clock',
Mary Wordsworth met Annette
for the first time, and Caroline
always called William 'father'.
I am a victim of fascination,
a magnet for the flow of life,
its fever, its vanishing point.

Byron Beynon lives in Swansea Wales. His work has appeared in several publications including The San Pedro River Review, The Chicago Poetry Review, London Magazine, The French Literary Review and Poetry Wales.  His most recent collection is The Sundial published by Flutter Press"

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