January 1, 2013

The Young People by Mike Finley

We were like jewels glinting off 
one another's light, 
sapphires, rubies, garnets, pearls ... 
our teeth were so beautiful 
and so was our skin, 
nothing old could hold us in, 
our poor parents were at a loss to contain 
this savage perfection, 
the Buick roaring from gravel 
onto highway, 
laughter and beauty and limitlessness, 
six-packs of Rolling Rock, 
sexy cruel sneers, 
and our poor dear mother 
in her babooshka and apron 
carting Kleenex out of our rooms, 
and father with his yellow sponge 
daubing at the car seats. 
What religions would we not topple? 
What ancient wisdom would be next to fall? 

Mike Finley is a Pushcart Prize winner from a few years back. He edits LIEF Magazine, and has written almost 200 books, one way or another.

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