January 20, 2013

Reminder by David Trame

Dirt on the snow path,
a flash that will stay:
the dark spots of dogs’
and deer’s droppings
that look like seeds –the latter,
and both clearly reminding
of earth and matter,
splotches of dark
on the immaculate whiteness,
the tearing sharpness
of the snow’s glare.

Maybe it’s just what we need:
gazing at our dirt
enhancing mortality
that is dark like the soil,
like the tangle of entrails
in everything, the layers of dark
on which we stand.
We gaze at them
walking on, and finding
some familiar respite
from the marvelous estrangement of white.

David Trame is an Italian teacher of English, writing poetry in English since 1993.  His poems have appeared in around four hundred magazines.

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