January 7, 2013

Prayer by Joan L. Cannon

The shape on the page tells you this is a poem.
though I know you don’t read poetry,
maybe because you lack trust
in words too evocative and imprecise...
yet, you quoted Shakespeare to me.
For more than half a century
you listened and heard...you heard!
and I learned: to trust,
since you taught me what I need to live
as much as I need air.

I can no longer hear. Can you?
I send in silence my plea for your voice
that I might listen again
and taste the water whose lack parches me.

Joan L. Cannon is a Manhattan native. She has published short stories, two novels, and poetry. Most of her adult life was spent in rural Connecticut. She now lives in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. She contributes regularly to Senior Women Web.


  1. I'd like to thank Joan Cannon for writing this and Red Poppy for publishing it.

    The first line of the 2nd verse knocked my socks off.

  2. Dear Donal--
    Thank you more than I can say for thanking Red Poppy (and me). As for knocking socks off, you did that to me with "braids my heart..."

    May I guess that you are widowed too?