January 14, 2013

Poetry as Doubt by Martin Willitts Jr.

Night snuck up behind me
and covered my eyes. Or was it God.
A voice wanted me to parade naked in front of a window
to get the idea of writing poetry.
Using a blended willow as an umbrella is the same as a line break.
Or is it day break. The falsetto of a bird
edited its own internal rhymes. The words hatched a promise.
Or was it a broken promise. Doubt is a straightjacket
or a bus token. There is really very little difference.
A school recites the alphabet song backwards
to improve memory of things out-of-order and out-of-control,
like skid marks. Or is it rejection slips. I get those things confused
and they return the favor.

Martin Willitts Jr retired as a Senior Librarian and is living in Syracuse, New York. He is currently a volunteer literacy tutor, and editor of Willet Press. He is a visual artist of Victorian and Chinese paper cutouts. He was nominated for 5 Pushcart and 3 Best Of The Net awards. His forthcoming  poetry books include Waiting For The Day To Open Its Wings” (UNBOUND Content, 2013),  Art Is the Impression of an Artist” (Edgar and Lenore's Publishing House, 2013), “City Of Tents” (Crisis Chronicles Press, 2013), “A Is For Aorta” (Seven Circles Press, e-book, February 2013), and “Swimming In the Ladle of Stars” (Kattywompus Press, 2013).

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