January 16, 2013

Nocturne by Samantha Seto

Raindrops collect in the cracks of the windowsill.
Tears acrobat out of my almond eyes,
My heart is a black flower crumbling in ashes.

I would die a hundred times for my heart to meet yours.
The wet magnolia petals in the churchyard
root my weeping into the ground.

Tylenols for the depths of fever,
in sunrise of morning, my eyes are stained pink.
Dreams of never-ending fall from atop a building, coming to you.

Mist of pine-needles brush stone-carved grave beneath me,
Whisper prayer to beloved on my knees,
roses, daisies, marigolds in vase water the beauty of him.

Samantha Seto is a writer. She has been published in various anthologies including CeremonyThe Screech Owl, Nostrovia Poetry, Soul Fountain, and Black Magnolias Journal. 

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