January 10, 2013

Interview w/ Poet Joan L. Cannon

1. Who or what inspired you to write poetry?

From earliest childhood, my grandmother. Rites of passage in my life, most recently, widowhood.

2. Do you have a favorite place to write?

3. Who are your favorite poets, alive or deceased?

Shakespeare, Donne, Browning, Wordsworth (all the Romantics, I guess), Frost, E. A. Robinson, Robert Bly, Mark Doty, Tony Abbott, oh, too many to name...

4. What five words best sum up your personality?
I’m the last person who should try to answer that question. Well, here goes: sympathetic, sincere, educated, artistic, easily embarrassed (that’s 6 words, I know).

5. Other than writing, what else do you love to do?

Read, paint and draw, enjoy my children and grandchildren whenever we can meet, listen to music, watch Public Television dramas.

6. What are your current, and/or next projects?

I’m seeking an agent for my third novel, putting a chapbook together in search of a publisher, tinkering with the beginnings of a memoir.

7. Where can we reach you?

Thank you so much for the privilege of seeing my efforts on Red Poppy Review, and for offering me this chance to meet you!

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  1. Thank you Joan for accepting this short interview request. It's nice to learn a little more about you.