December 13, 2012

Nuances of Me by Dr. Smita Anand Sriwastav

scattered as 
vermilion petals of palash, 
below an existence 
stripped to the marrow, 
revealed, naked and barren, 
my hopes flutter in breeze of 
indifferent whimsy, 
their fragrance diluted, 
by the moisture 
of cloistered woe... 

sitting within 
my noise-armored quietude, 
plucking petals off 
a marigold, bronzed at edges 
by the summer sun, 
my fingers are smeared in yellow, 
and the hue lingers 
on fingertips just as unseen 
smudges of guilt, 
those erased to all eyes 
but mine...

Dr. Smita Anand Sriwastav is an M.B.B.S. doctor with a passion for poetry and literature.  She has published two books and has published poems in journals like the Rusty Nail, Pyrokinection, Jellyfish Whispers, eFiction India  and Contemporary Literary Review India and one of Smita's poems was published in a book called ‘Inspired by Tagore’ published by Sampad and British Council.

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