December 7, 2012

Bowl of Sunflowers, Roses and Other Flowers by Martin Willitts Jr.

Bowl of Sunflowers, Roses and Other Flowers
            Based on the Van Gogh painting, 1886 (the first appearance of sunflowers)

There is overall harmony in the chaos of nature.
You cannot just select one or two favorite colors at random,
and place them away from the other noises of colors.
They all belong; or surely none belong.
Nature is always promising more when left alone.
And what temporal colors! Nothing promises less;
nothing wants to be subtle or forgotten.
Each color wants to be included among the conversation of other things.
The only thing colors want to promise is—
to be impatient while waiting to be noticed.
Colors want to be blended, yet distinctive.
Flowers suffer when ignored.
And what part of us does not want to be a part of everything else?

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