December 4, 2012

Autumn on Stage by Craig A. Hart

This is when the trees desert
all pretense of modesty
and boldly show their best vestments
to anyone who cares to grasp
the weight of what is on the way.

One last hurrah, that’s what it is,
une grande fĂȘte, a jubilee,
a celebration for the ages
that happens once during every year,
just before the curtain falls.

Until the final bow is taken,
these stalwart stars, alive with color,
seem hopeful, happy, and fulfilled,
without a care, ablaze with faith,
not thinking that it all will change.

It isn’t til their garb begins
to fall away, to tear and age,
that we can see the truer facts
of life so loyal and so cruel.
All can change and will and does.

Craig A. Hart is an editor, writer, publisher, and poet. His prose and poetry have been published both traditionally and independently. He is currently the editor of The Rusty Nail literary magazine.

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