October 30, 2012

The Delicate Goodnight by Michael Dwayne Smith

words splash in water
pennies flash in a fountain

clouds glimmer pink music
sound shivers in my pen

the delicate goodnight on her shoulder
is bare as housecat memory

nights below our perfect sense
tell time in tiny mirrors

kestrels murder songbirds
in the tangle of evening trees

rain hurtles all direction
silent as distant pianos

the delicate goodnight on her shoulder
is bare as my empty mouth

and the cheshire mimes
from its borrowed height

blackbirds swinging
from the dead phone line

Michael Dwayne Smith proudly owns and operates the English-speaking world’s most mysterious name. His apparitions can be seen at Word Riot, >kill author, Monkeybicycle, Blue Fifth Review, BLIP, Northville Review, Pirene’s Fountain, Orion headless, Cortland Review (forthcoming), and other haunts. A recipient of both the Hinderaker Prize for poetry and the Polonsky Prize for fiction, he lives in a desert town with his wife, son, and rescued animals—all of whom talk in their sleep.  Conjure him on Twitter with the spell @michaelthebear or on the interwebs atmichaeldwaynesmith.tumblr.com

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