August 21, 2012

Women in Red Dresses by Bill Roberts

Kim Addonizio, I know,
loves her little red dress,
thinks all women should have one,
just to flaunt at men.

Well, Kim, in spite of your choice
of dress in that vibrant color,
I want you to know I'm not interested,
like a tired bull, find red off-putting.

Wear a black dress,
sashay in front of me, stop, wink,
and sweetheart you've got an admirer
for life -- at least, the life of the dress.

So, don't come around seeking favor
in your too-tight red frock.
Slink in sometime in black:
I'll paw the ground with my hooves.  Grrr!

Bill Roberts has had over a thousand poems published online and in the small press, some nominated for Best of the Net and Pushcart Prizes.  He annually hosts reading to honor women poets ("Strong Voices, Strong Women") and to benefit battered women of the Safehouse Alliance.  Contact him at

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