August 26, 2012

Poet in New England by Peycho Kanev

She wears the typewriter keys around
her neck like a necklace. White sheets
of paper scattered on the floor bring
the smell of the coming winter. At this
remote home, even the seasons delay
their arrival. Superannuated linden
trees surround the yard, like guards
of honor of bygone memories. Last
night’s rain… Everything is covered
in mud and woodpeckers telegraph
to everybody the new and already
forgotten news. Steaming cup of
coffee in her hand. The words are not
coming anymore, hence the sheets of
paper. She hears the end. The end gently
whispers: “Come and get me.” With her
head bowed she goes back slowly inside,
dressed in a gown of violets which have
ceased to bloom.

Peycho Kanev is the Editor-In-Chief of Kanev Books. His poems have appeared in more than 600 literary magazines. He has won several European awards for his poetry. A new collection of his poetry, titled Requiem for One Night, will be published by Desperanto Publishing Group in 2012.


  1. This struggle is so beautiful, I wouldn't mind being this poet, especially in New England.

  2. I'm thrilled to see this one as a poem of the month.