August 29, 2012

New Chapbook, How Love Conquers the World, by Harry Calhoun

Check out his latest chapbook, How Love Conquers the World, by poet Harry Calhoun from Flutter Press.  Beautifully designed cover with cream colored paper inside, 34 pgs, 26 poems, $7.00.

Harry Calhoun states: "As the title indicates, this is a collection of love poems, mostly written over the past several years. While most of them are pretty straightforward, there are a few of love lost, or love regained. There are a few about the uncertainty that is sometimes part of the territory of being in love. The poem that contains the title of this book is a true story, and so, in one way or another, are all the poems here — or at least informed by truth. I hope you enjoy them and come away with love in your heart and joy in your soul."

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