July 7, 2012

Three Haiku by Jimmy Pappas

The Moon

The moon is one thing    
no one can ever tell me 
is no longer mine. 

The Hawk 

The hawk, wings held still, 
glides across the broad valley. 
Who holds its kite string? 

The Dew

When I think of how 
the dew falls from morning grass, 
I squeeze my son tight. 

Jimmy Pappas earned his M.A. in literature from Rivier College after serving in Vietnam. He taught high school English, philosophy, and poetry until he retired to focus on his own writing. He now lives in Chichester NH where he is in the process of preparing his poems for publishing. 


  1. Loved your view, especially of The Dew. Well done.

  2. All three are beautiful and surprising! Thank you for surprising me.

  3. Thanks for leaving comments ladies, it's good to see some interaction here.

  4. These could have been titled, "Jimmy Pappas Channels Issa." I love these haiku!

  5. All three are lovely, but "The Hawk" is outstanding. Really enjoyed these.