July 31, 2012

Rain me some Zen by Deborah Rey

Rest my heart in the Buddha's smile 
and rain me some Zen, 
don't dress me in white. 
Not yet. 
Keep it for later, 
for when you 
send me onwards 
to rest my soul in the Buddha's smile 
and turn my ashes into forever Zen. 
Don't tell me to count and recount 
those four palm trees trussed up like torches, 
or rejoice in raindrops 
on the asphalt roof top, the white around  
me, even in the smiles. 
Rest my heart in the Buddha's smile 
and rain me some Zen, 
make me forget that I was not 
meant to be born a tiger 
and feel like one ... 

Ruth Deborah Rey (1938) was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  From an early age she has worked in Dutch radio; later, married to a Canadian, she switched to English and with her (then) husband, enjoyed a succesfull career in radio, television, publicity and the theatre.  Today, retired, she finally has the time to be a full-time writer (poetry and prose) and editor. She lives on the French Atlantic coast with one dog and five cats.
Rey is recognised by the Dutch Foundation 1940-1945 as a participant in the Underground Resistance during the German occupation of The Netherlands during World War II.  A rewritten version of her first (autobiographical) novel, 'Rachel Sarai's Vineyard', which deals with WWII, will be published shortly, as will an anthology of her poetry. Her second, very romantic novel, 'The Sleeping Madonna', published by Strengholt Media in the Netherlands, has been very well received, both by male and female readers.


  1. A real gem. I'd think the cage door opened when this saw public light!

    1. Thank you ever so much for this lovely, lovely comment. It's so good to be 'heard'.
      Sunshine on your soul,
      Deborah Rey