July 3, 2012

Kudzu by Farhan Kathawala

Coiling slowly towards permissive dirt,
red vines bloom with spiny poison heart
leaves and thistled stalks.

Wrapping, grasping, strangling
ash-crusted birches and stoic poplars,
thorny vines drape the forest
a haunting verdant green for
eyes to float through empty space
left by sunken trunks and fallen elms.

Entombed squirrels screech,
thrashing limbs against green iron
vines, writhing hidden from sun.

Anchored to ground, pulsing and throbbing,
life of tree groves suffocates, evaporates in wisps,
alleviates our muffled horror at the kudzu here.

Farhan Kathawala is an Indian student currently living in Memphis, TN. Farhan has poems published or forthcoming with Red River ReviewThunderclap Press, and Live Poet's Society of New Jersey's My World Anthology.

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