May 28, 2012

Terrestrial Illumination, No. 29 by Duane Locke

Hyenas and poppies will follow.
Persephone had a charm. It was
Her waist-length straight ebony hair
Touching the cheek bones on each side of her sharp face,
But her charms
Were overdone
In B movies. All the adolescent girls’ mimetic copy of Persephone became dull.
There is a longing to return to pink powder, discard pulverized white rice
That paled corpse-like every face.
The revolution of putting white lipstick on pink puffed flesh ended
With the guillotine as did the French revolution.
Ashen faces fell into wicker baskets.
Closing the eyelids and trembling like a ghost became old-fashioned.

Duane Locke lives in Tampa, Florida near anhinga, gallinules, raccoons, alligators, etc.  He has published 6,640 poems, includes 29 books of poems. His latest book publication, April 2012, Is DUANE LOCKE, THE FIRST DECADE, 1968-1978, BITTER OLEANDER PRESS.  This book is a republication Of his first eleven books, contains 333 pages. Order from, Or Amazon.

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