November 22, 2011

New Chapbook, Wildflowers, by Michael Keshigian

Check out Michael Keshigian's new chapbook, Wildflowers, from Flutter Press.  Wildflowers describes the various manifestations of love, attraction, and relationships.

"Wildflowers grabbed me close on the very first reading.  Most intriguing poems!"
Michele M. Graf, Poetry Editor, Apollo's Lyre

"As usual, fine and rewarding work.  It is through reviewing writers such as Michael Keshigian that I find my work such an enjoyable task."
Art Bounds, Editor, The Pegasus Review 

"Michael Keshigian has a fine apperception of poetry, in genre as well as the tonalities of language.  His poems exemplify his gifts and display a deft usage of image as well."
Robert R. Ward, Editor, Primeval Press

"As a poet, Keshigian is subtle, joyous and accomplished."  
Peter C. Leverich, Editor, Avocet 

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