October 2, 2011

Whiplash by Kevin Ridgeway

Rhythm and blues on her radio
a drunk in Caddy rammed into her
and her neck flung on both
ends of her shoulder and to the strains
of an electric guitar solo

She recovered, but the interior
of that prized wagon was engulfed
in injuries never to run without
putting three mortgages into
it again

And so it sat there, 
come rain come shine
immaculate in appearance but
just a motorized mummy in
the driveway museum
as children we used to ride
our tricycles around it and 
sit at the wheel teaching 
ourselves to phantom drive

It was towed away one wintry day
a car fanatic spotted it and was 
ready to give it life again
and it left our lives
leaving an abstract pavement
painting of motor oil.

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