August 26, 2011

Three Glasses of Wine by Jeanine Stevens

Three Glasses of Wine 
   At the first cup, man drinks wine
   at the second, wine drinks wine
   at the third, wine drinks man.
                            Japanese Proverb

The first glass,
I think of all I must do,
the poem I intend to write,
the meter I cannot memorize.

The second glass,
how red the red! Sparks
when held to the sun,
santé de Christo.
A slight spill resembles
the west coast of Africa.

The third,
I could copy Chaucer
and his gift of the French lyric.
A spot coagulates purple,
resembles the lost continent of Mu.

Postscript: I review my illegible notes
splashed with the brown stain
of forgotten countries.

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