August 8, 2011

Sage Requiem by Michal Lemberger

Sage Requiem
                        For M.S.

At that very spot, horizon
    pulled taut and touched
with grey-green sage,
    I held a bison’s skull
in both hands, thought, so
     this is freedom. Its edges rough
and layered, brown with time
    and marrow to the hidden center.
An animal’s skull feels light
    in the arms, empty container
falling toward dust, wings
    spread back behind
sockets once deep,
    abysmal. In my hands
its spotted surface, pores
     like the underside of bubbles
sliding away from me,
    take some faceted secret
with them, deep into the bone. 

Michal Lemberger lives, writes, and teaches in Los Angeles. Her prose and poetry can be found in various print and online publications. 

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