August 18, 2011

My Garden by Ariana D. Den Bleyker

Sunlight peeps through closed curtains
like a sleepy child, nodding in and out
through a wave of pre-dawn passion,
renaming lost childhood dreams

like a black, velvet bee so heavy
it carries its body against the wind
as if it were falling into the sunny hours
filled with perfume from forgotten flowers.

I imagine the purple peonies in the sunlight
through the lace of the lilac tree,
thick and ringed with life, its buds unfolding,
me learning from each tight leaf unfurled

that even the best gardener outgrows
her flowers. My heart expands as robins stir
above the square, empty space burning
between the sun and its shadow

awakening—the silence seemed to speak
and the beauty was lost to me.

Ariana D. Den Bleyker resides in a small town in New York where she is a wife and mother of two.  Ariana is passionate about poetry because it speaks to her, influences her daily life, and encourages her to write.   She draws much of her energy from her own life experiences. Ariana's most recent work was featured in The Homestead Review.

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