August 30, 2011

An Afternoon Show by SK Iyer

nature bounces in a row of mounds
covered by mown lawn
the sun is cornered
somewhere in the west
behind the green strip

a leaf  falls up
from a red rose flower
yellow and dry petals
fly up from the mango tree

pins of drizzling
explode bubbles
among undulations
a dog walks upside down
so also the people around me

drizzling stops
a little frog jumps from one
to another lotus leaf
an inverted catfish swims
to browse on algae

nature stands upside
down, fencing the sky below
churned into ripples

A commerce graduate, SK Iyer is leading a retired but busy life in Pune, India. He has been published in print and on the Internet. SK is a member of Poetry Kit List, UK.

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