July 6, 2011

Lot 266 by Gordon Mason

A Rene Lalique opalescent glass plates moulded with Volutes pattern, signed, 26.5cm diameter 

far from poetic accordions
that caress the heart
with musette waltzes 

far from back street gutters
and waifs like Piaf
who exist on fallen coins 

a glassblower creates
from the cinnamon
of an indrawn breath 

he lives in a slow world
wrapped in a drop of rain
that asks his echo for a dance

Gordon Mason, a Scot, blogs at www.catapulttomars.blogspot.com and his fifth chapbook "Uncle Salvador's Cigar" will be published in August 2011 by the Red Ceilings Press www.theredceilingspress.co.uk.


  1. I've played along many accordions over the years, but I love the idea of poetic ones! Also like the swaying rhythm that seems to run through this.