July 15, 2011

Apple Mania by Teresa E. Gallion

A swell of apples dangle from strong arms.
Worked into fitness during the spring winds,
blossoms in the sweet sweat of summer.

Sexy curves of solid summer growth
sing red in the autumn breeze.
They release the arms of trees,

hang out in bushel boxes,
run spicy and loose in gallon jugs,
socialize on the ground turning brown.

Fall campout is open
to greedy people eaters rushing
orchards to seize the seasonal gifts.


Teresa E. Gallion has published in Harwood Review, Broomweed Journal, Adobe Walls, New Mirage Journal and numerous anthologies. Some include:  Along the Rio Grande, Once Upon A Place, Book Lung, Earthships and Turtle Music.   She has a chapbook, Walking Sacred Ground and a CD, On the Wings of the Wind, available through inquiry to poetsden@comcast.net or www.michaeljohnhallmusic.com. The surreal high desert landscape and her personal spiritual journey influence the writing of this New Mexico poet.


  1. Enjoyed this poem; thanks for posting it Sandy!

  2. You're welcome Gordon, I thought it was an interesting take on apples.