June 29, 2011

Workers By The Edge Of The Woods by Winnona Elson Pasquini

I. Tree

Breeze.  the sleeper wakes.
Every now dead leaf falls—
The oak shakes its crown.

II. Gardener

Leaves under the oak.
Rake arcing the lazy air—
Arms thick, slick, and wet.

III. Flower

Pedicel pushing,
Bract releasing blistered bud—
Soft white scented breeze.

IV. Spring

Green replacing brown.
Beautiful disappearing—
Ferrule of dead leaves.

Winnona Elson Pasquini is a poet living in Tampa, Florida, whose recent publications include work in The Chronicle of Higher Education OnlineEighty Percent Magazine, Divine Dirt Quarterly, and Poetry Quarterly.  She is also the winner of both the 2008 Estelle J. Zbar and the 2008 Bettye Newman Poetry Awards.  She is a devoted Italophile and when not writing poetry, spends her time planning her next trip to her favorite city of Venice, Italy.

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