May 30, 2011

Red Museum by Steven J. Fowler

Check out the new poetry collection, Red Museum, by Steven Fowler.  The paperback is available at and is 142 pages published by Knives Forks and Spoons Press.  Here is a brief description by Iain Sinclair: 'A tremendous and persuasive surge of the red and the black: conflicted doctrines, scorched paper. Gothic scripts and plague-year screenplays for an apocalyptic cinema. Death chess. Heretical crusades. Hurt flesh. Fire angels. Madness. A grimoire for a haunted river-city. The poetry lies in the interpretation of malfated woodcuts. It is sinewy, knotted, persistent. And true.'


  1. I'm a fan of Steven too!

    Good to see you're still around, Sandy.

  2. Hi Gordon! Thanks for stopping by. CBR is still here and I may re-open it in a month or two. Still trying to get settled in my new home.