February 2, 2011

Renewal by Rick Hartwell

Wild mustard, golden carpeting of the day,
Greeting each morning, welcome to the meadows.

Desert lilies, delicate white ribbons in the breeze,
Edging dry fields, sallow surrender of roadside banners.

Timorous quail families, distant sounds of wind chimes,
Fluttering in the slightest breath, retreating sounds of flight.

Ancient live oaks, centenarians of the fields,
Sentinels in olive drab, complements to searing grasses.

Wild mustard, going to seed at end of year;
Desert lilies, bowing to advancing rain;
Bobbing quail, flushing in united fear;
Live oaks, antiquated decaying fame;

Earth’s continuing wellspring, seasons cycling endlessly.

Rick Hartwell

1 comment:

  1. What wonderful images of nature. Particularly liked the oak descriptions.