February 28, 2011

Once Again by Alan Zhukovski

The electric rain, gently tapping on our skin, caught us with the paws of his melodies. The music of the 50’s caressed us in a tiny club.There was something in your eyes. There is something in this music which can be explained easily, and still there is so much mystery. Wild energetic melodies evolving into the academic shining of the famous guitar masters were the prototype of our relationship. It began as an outburst of vital energy and then became a philosophical union retaining the primordial charm. Everybody has an aura of his innumerous (or often simply numerous) wishes, and sometimes two clouds of energy kiss each other, and their desires coincide. “Maybe once again?” We love to repeat our first evening, lighting us with its new emanations. Our older bodies burn. The smoke of our vanities dissolves in the wisdom of our first laughter. There is so much to desire and so much to remember. The future and the past. Our infinity.

Alan Zhukovski's poetry, art and fiction have appeared in 'Foundling Review', 'Indigo Rising Magazine', 'Calliope Nerve', 'Camel Saloon', 'Liebamour', 'Poets for Living Waters', and others.

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