February 10, 2011

2 Poems by Kevin Heaton

A Touch Of Redbud

Spring reconciles the hillside,
and recalls her elegance.
Bitter arms mellow, and bud
into magenta tufts, snatched
from nestling in deep winter
pockets. She pardons her
branches through dazzling
celebrity crowds of dogwood,
and flowering plum; gently
stroking the strut of assumed
preeminence. A rosy-pink
supporting role, for a gentle,
gracious lady.

The Third Hand                     
                 'happy cockatiel' 

Downy, ocher feather dusters
whisk jubilant sonnets into dusk
trails, and preen satin rouge blush
with sun kisses.

He descends 'Jacobs Ladder,' dips
his chartreuse wave in The Holy
Grail, and anoints her brow
with crop oil; transfiguring
drops of Edstrom water
into chalices of wine.

Black pea inlays set in cultured
pearl, sleuth-eye a picture
window mirror, and whisker-snip
graven images banished into deep,
brackish, backwater pools: forgotten.
He brandishes mottled wings
at ashen clouds, dissipating bumps
in the night; rebel-dancing,
and singing in latter rain.

Kevin Heaton writes in South Carolina. His work has appeared in: Flutter Poetry Journal, Grey Sparrow Journal, Victorian Violet Press, Elimae, Nibble, and others. He is listed as a notable poet at: KansasPoets.com.


  1. I like all the different verbs used here, their unexpected links to the images.

  2. Kevin creates visual images in "A Touch of Redbud" which trigger many memories of springtime in Oklahoma.

    His vivid description of the cockatiel strikes at the emotional level of any bird owner. Nothing like being loved by a cockatiel.

    Mr. Heaton challenges his readers to dig deeply into his poems to find depth in their interpretations.