February 23, 2011

2 Poems by Jenny Enochsson

wind into nostrils

cilia vibration
bark shadows 
a fox-coloured sun

drum flute ears of corn
wind into nostrils
swifts in blackberry skies.


she is peering at two men exposing
their fair-skinned clean-shaven chests
she misses the hairy
even the excessively shaggy

she remembers the lantern
by which she found herself
but never bumped against
unlike most of the others
in that simmering sphere
of toy zeppelins lapping sun cats
dolly dancer bodies and buffoons

she walks across the field
fringe meets eyebrows
not groomed since 1972
hot air sweaty ash bark
she sits down on a bench
with resinous veins and pores.

Jenny Enochsson (b. 1976) lives in Uppsala, Sweden. She writes poetry and short stories in Swedish and English. Some of her pieces have been published in, for instance, Cleaves Journal, Blue & Yellow Dog, Otoliths, Ditch and The Meadowland Review. She maintains a blog called at www.jennyenochsson.net, where she posts new writing and updates (more or less) frequently.

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  1. Sorry for late comment: I thought I had commented but obviously internet lost me!!

    Great images, Jenny; particularly the 1972 eyebrows.