January 7, 2011

First Crush by Rick Hartwell

Pussy willows blushing from dragonfly kisses;
Hummingbirds dazzled in sprays of water
Falling into a pool patrolled by circling Koi.
From vibrant orange to fleshy-crème, iridescent flashes
School beneath diamond chips spewed by the fountain.
Hollyhocks bow and rebound in the breeze,
Kowtowing, obsequious to vagrant zephyrs, and
Rolled blossoms dropped into the garden pond like
Chinese paper flowers, transform, unfurled into
Jeweled petals afloat on a mirrored sea.

Rick Hartwell has had articles, stories, poetry, or memoirs published in Educational Leadership, English Journal, California English, Kappa Delta Pi Record, The Voice, Sunspots, Once Upon A Time, and Vietnam Magazine.

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