January 21, 2011

Exotica* by Lark Beltran

Muttering at the sun´s authoritative breakthrough,
a thunderstorm heaves its commotion to farther hills.
Down the lane of dripping
red and yellow bird-of-paradise
and the fairytale staves of pink torch ginger
darts the lime-green lizard to its favorite
boulder, house-sized, where the tame toucanet
stands tall like a sentry overlord of stone-kingdoms,
gaping at a transparent butterfly.

* In the central Peruvian jungle, where she and her husband have a place

Lark Beltran is an ESL teacher from California, but has lived in Lima for over half her life, along with her Peruvian husband.  Over the past several years, she has had a number of poems published in online and offline zines, including Penwood Review, Concise Delight, and Able Muse. 

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