January 4, 2011

2 Poems by SJ Fowler

{Cardinal Pierleone had children with his sister}

& in the centre of the room,
a mosaic.
A wolf
something in its teeth.
Out stealing voices.
A young girl perhaps,
trying to cry out.
Indeed, it may be a mouth.

{the floating earth}

I have worked up there,
cloud blind,
just once.
When they found me
in the mopping closet
finger deep
in Evgeniya.

SJ Fowler (1983) has had poetry published in over 70 journals & magazines, and is the author of two collections, Fights (Veer books 2011) and Red Museum (Knives Forks & Spoons press 2011). He is a member of the Writers forum poetry group, and an employee of the British Museum. He edits the Maintenant interview series for 3am magazine introducing contemporary European poets. www.sjfowlerpoetry.com http://www.maintenant.co.uk/

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